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Do Ford Part Numbers Mean User Manual - Ford Escape: Motorcraft part numbers. Ford Escape / Ford Escape Owner's Manual / Maintenance and Specifications / Motorcraft part numbers. 1For spark plug replacement, see your authorized dealer. Refer to scheduled maintenance information for the appropriate intervals for changing the spark plugs.. What rear end ratio do I have in my Ford is it posi! Need manual transmission parts? You can search by transmission model number if you know it. If you don't know model number look for model information on tag located on side of transmission. Another easy way to find out the model number or your transmission is to call you local New Car. The number that is stamped/embossed in that location D9NN7006DAprobably, a parts number. Definitely, not the serial number. It is located on the transmission housing where it meets the engine housing beside the brake..

Here's how to decipher Ford part numbers, such as D1ZZ-6675-C, for example: The center number, four or more numbers or letters, is the part number. Z = Ford Division Service Replacement part. 6675 = the group number for oil pans. C = The third version of this part.. Apr 05, 2018  · Part Numbers. Ford P/N or any other useful Escort parts. Everyone get out your receipts and lets make a huge parts list!. F150s are full of excellent features, from top-notch Ford F150 parts to Ford F150 accessories. So, cinch yourself into this unit and you are going to find out real fast what makes pickups the favorite of folks with lots of stuff to do..

Types of part numbers include: #####--A seven digit part number, usually starting with the digit 4 or 5 — found on nearly every part. XX-##XXX--A seven code combo where the Xs represent letters and the # are numbers, usually used on interior trim. ##-###-####--Book part numbers, found on Chrysler printed materials (one exception is the Mopar Performance catalog, which has a seven digit part number).. The right repair manual for your tractor is an essential tool you cannot do without. CUSTOMER REVIEW: I bought the Ford 3000 Tractor manual FO-31 since I recently purchased this tractor and sure enough, right away had to put it to use.. Ford Motorcraft On-Line Parts Catalogs List: (most are pdf files, some are slow to load on Cable) Ford Motorcraft ( - Air, Oil, Trans, Engine Vent & Fuel Filter; PCV Valve Parts Catalog, (Ford & all makes) w/Ford Part Numbers (Ford & all makes) & Capacities.

late-’80s Ford SVT mid-engined sports car, code named GN34. When the GN34 was cancelled, the engine was picked up for the 1988-1995 Taurus SHO. 3.0L versions used a five-speed manual; the 3.2L version was used in a later automatic transmission application. The high- revving SHO V6 used a cast iron block and 4V heads with bucket tappets.. FORD HANDBOOK MOLDBOARD PLOWS - PART l- Tractor and Implement Division FORD MOTOR COMPANY Birmingham Michigan . FORD MOLDBOARD PLOWS PART I First let's consider some of the more im- portant reasons as to WHY WE PLOW and generally mean a waste of power and fuel.. All of the letters and numbers mean something; it's not just an assigned number. that is the short and sweet of the Ford part numbering system. Once you get familiar with the grouping of these numbers you can look at a Ford part number and know what it is and what it's original intended use was. User.

Aug 08, 2016  · How do you identify Ford ECu computers? What are the desireable ones? Thread starter natejones75; Start date Mar 9, 2004; The numbers should be on the sticker. mattyv Well-Known Member. May 19, 2016 #11. Feb 1, 2016 137 103 63 30 Can someone identify the part that goes to this Ford part number? 1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General. Accessing your car owner's manual online means more convenient answers. Here's where to find yours. but Edmunds makes caring for your car even easier with our Ford, all GM brands, Honda.

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